• Welcome to Iokai Shiatsu! <br>Become a professional Shiatsu therapist!

    Welcome to Iokai Shiatsu!
    Become a professional Shiatsu therapist!

    We teach you everything about the field and train you to become an accredited Shiatsu therapist in an inspiring and safe learning environment!

Recognized shiatsu therapist
Study at your own pace
Complete your study in 4 years

What is Iokai Shiatsu ?

Iokai Shiatsu is a manual therapy that complements regular medicine well. Using the thumb, fingers and palms of the hands, the therapist applies pressure on the meridians to enable a free flow of vital life energy through the body. Where needed, he or she will also mobilize and stretch certain joints. By doing this the body’s self-healing ability is strengthened. A Iokai Shiatsu therapist not only treat the client's complaint, but also the human being and the deeper cause behind the complaints.

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Open days

Join one of our open days and discover whether the profession of Shiatsu therapist suits you. In one of our three studios you will meet teachers, students and Iokai Shiatsu therapists. With great enthusiasm they will tell you what it is like to study Shiatsu and to work as a Shiatsu therapist. If the open days are full or you can't attend the scheduled dates, you can also attend one of the online open days. Register using the buttons below

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Students’ experiences

“The Iokai Shiatsu Professional Training Programme has given me a lot. It wasn’t always easy to study and work at the same time but thanks to my teachers’ excellent guidance and support, I’ve managed to successfully obtain my certificate.”

“Not only have I learned much about Eastern medicine and developed my skills as a Shiatsu therapist, I also went through a wonderful personal development process!”

“Thank you for establishing this training institute, offering us the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers and preparing us in so many different ways to grow into qualified Shiatsu therapists.”

“A huge transformation has taken place within me in four years’ time. This training programme has opened my eyes to experience new ways of living.”