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The Beroepsopleiding Iokai Shiatsu has been accredited at HBO Bachelor level by the SNRO as of June 2017. This means that the course meets comparable quality requirements as a regular HBO course.
The accreditation is a recognition of the quality level of the program. In addition, graduates can register in the register of the SNRO and after obtaining their diploma they will be reimbursed by health insurance companies. An accreditation by the SNRO also entitles graduate therapists who are members of a recognized professional association to exemption from VAT.


The Professional Training Course Iokai Shiatsu is affiliated with the Federation of Training Courses in Natural Medicine (FONG). The members of FONG are accredited by the SNRO as an independent accreditation institute. Iokai Shiatsu is one of the courses in the A1 register. The register with courses on HBO Bachelor level.

The Basic Medical Knowledge that is given within the course is also accredited by the SNRO as an HBO compliant course.