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“In 2013 I graduated from the Iokai Shiatsu Professional Training Programme. From the moment I stepped into the school, it felt like I was coming home. The training programme is inspiring and has changed my life. In the safe environment of the school, you learn about awareness with respect to life, illness and health. The teaching style is full of passion and love for this beautiful craft and it increases your curiosity about Eastern philosophy. In the four years of the training programme I’ve met a whole new family and I’m very grateful for that!”  Tjarda Rietkerk

“During the four-year Iokai Shiatsu training programme I’ve learned to work with Ki, the life energy. I found this Ki rather difficult to comprehend in the first year but in the following years theory and practice became more and more fascinating. Every year was wonderful. A whole new, Eastern, way of thinking about life and health was revealed to me. Thanks to the patience and enthusiasm of my teachers Sasaki Sensei and Eloise Sewell I learned the profession and I can now treat people myself and help them to be more balanced in life. The four years of the Iokai Shiatsu training programme were inspiring and I continue to be inspired since Iokai Shiatsu is a lifelong learning process!” Ellen Lommerse

“The four-year Iokai Shiatsu Professional Training Programme has done me good. It’s been a journey full of new insights and experiences. I’ve met inspiring people and learned a great deal. It wasn’t always easy to study and work at the same time but due to my teachers’ excellent guidance and support, I’ve managed to successfully obtain my certificate.” Monique Keuper

“What is special about this training programme is that I learn a profession and it enriches my whole being as well. Through Iokai Shiatsu I feel more familiar with my body, my respect for life increases and I’m more deeply connected with others. In addition to Shiatsu education, meditation, Do-In and Eastern philosophy are very significant in the discovery of Ki (life energy) and the inextricable bond between body and mind. Contacts with fellow students are intensive and instructive but above all very pleasant.” Ivo Slangen