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Shiatsu, the Japanese Way to Your Health

A series of 7 classes to improve your own health and well-being.

Learn to deal with the challenges of our modern society and improve your health by applying the ancient principles underlying Eastern medicine.

Course Fee


6 evenings

19.00h – 22.00h

1 Sunday

10.00h – 17.00h

Dates Amsterdam

7,14,21,28 Sept, 5,12,16 Oct.

Dates Delft

29 Aug,5,12,19,26 Sept, 3,9 Oct.


Amsterdam, Delft

What is Iokai Shiatsu?

Iokai Shiatsu is an Eastern Medicine that is practised with the hands. Central to Iokai Shiatsu is the concept of ‘Ki’, or life energy. Ki makes us breathe, move, speak and have feelings. In short, Ki makes us function as human beings. Ki determines whether we feel healthy and well! As a therapist you can help someone to improve his or her Ki circulation. But you can also improve your own Ki circulation so that you feel healthier and better.

Nederland. 4 oktober 2013. Seminar Shiatsu.
Foto: Inge van Mill

Shiatsu, the Japanese Way to Your Health

Improve your own health and well-being in this series of 8 Iokai Shiatsu classes.

Learn to deal with the challenges of our modern society and improve your health by applying the ancient principles of Eastern Medicine.

Contents of the training

In the training we will actively work on our own well-being and health. Being healthy in Eastern Medicine is more than the fact that you are not ill. It is feeling well and being able to adapt to (changing) circumstances. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

Health and feeling well is not something you take for granted. It is something you can influence and work on actively. In this series of 8 lessons, you will learn how to do that.

Each class starts with energetic body exercises (Do-In) to improve our own Ki-circulation. Then we will discuss specific aspects of Eastern medicine that are at the basis of our health and well being. You will learn how to give shiatsu to yourself, how certain exercises can help you in certain circumstances and of course we will also give shiatsu to each other.

Practical classes

The classes are held in a pleasant and inspiring environment. The classes are fun, educational and dynamic, so that you will enjoy attending them. We will work practically with ourselves and with each other. We do exercises for ourselves and with each other.


The lessons are given by Tanja van der Schaaf and Norbert grote Beverborg. With their years of experience as teachers and therapists they will teach the lessons in an inspiring way.

The Training

The Professional Training for Iokai Shiatsu provides training at Bachelor level to become an Iokai Shiatsu therapist. It is a training with much personal attention in a learning environment that offers space for each individual to develop from his or her own possibilities into a fully-fledged Iokai Shiatsu therapist. Characteristic for the training is the emphasis on practice, whereby you practise the teaching material on your fellow students under supervision. You give shiatsu and receive shiatsu.

The lessons of the Professional Training are supported by videos and other material that is made available through our online learning environment. Oriental medicine theory is taught online via webinars that you can repeat at your leisure in your own time.

Inspiring teachers

Practical classes

Evening and weekend classes

Erkend Shiatsu Therapeut


Continue studying shiatsu?

If you are enthusiastic about what Shiatsu can do for you and others, then follow a basic level module. You will learn to give shiatsu in one of the four positions (supine, prone, lateral and seated). After completing one of these modules, you will be able to give a relaxing treatment to people around you. During the lessons, there is a lot of personal attention from experienced teachers who will help you to master the techniques.

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