The Japanese Way to Your Health

Shiatsu, the Japanese Way to Your Health

A series of classes to improve your own mental and physical health.

Learn to feel more resilient and increase your well-being in different circumstances, by applying the ancient principles underlying Eastern medicine. After a successful first edition, the next series of classes will start again on May 8 in Delft Sign up soon, as there is a limited number of places available to give participants personal attention.cine.

Course Fee

5 evenings
19.00h – 22.00h

1 Saterday
10.00h – 17.00h

Dates Delft
8, 15, 22, 30 May, 5, 10 June.


What is Iokai Shiatsu?

Iokai Shiatsu is an Eastern healing method that you practice with your hands. Central to it is the concept of ‘Ki’, or life energy. In Oriental medicine, the starting point is that thoughts and feelings are forms of energy (Ki).

Ki is volatile and should easily adapt to what is needed. But we ourselves have developped patterns that make that Ki less flexible or even stuck.

Do you tend to think a lot? For example, because of outside influences, what people say about you and what you think about yourself? Do you feel yourself chaotic or sometimes melancholic?

These are patterns that are stored in our bodies, so to speak. However, you can break these patterns and change your Ki and thus your feelings!

With Shiatsu, as a therapist, you can help someone improve his or her Ki circulation. But you can also improve your own Ki circulation so that you feel healthier and better about yourself.

In the Shiatsu training, which we have been providing in the Netherlands for more than 30 years, many of our students have experienced how they themselves have become more stable, calm and healthy by taking Shiatsu classes.

"Not only did I learn a lot about Oriental medicine, I also went through a wonderful personal development process!"

Shiatsu, the Japanese way to your health

In this series of Iokai Shiatsu classes, improve your own health and break patterns that are not helping you.

Patterns of energy (Ki) are stored in your body. You have stored your way of thinking and your feelings, which may have been very relevant at one time, in your body. They are still there and they still determine how you think and how you feel even now. Even though they are no longer relevant.

Sometimes you experience the physical symptoms of this. Shoulders rubbing against your ears, a bent back, stomach cramps that often bother you.

You can change these patterns of energy through your body by:

  • doing targeted exercises;
  • receiving Shiatsu where you change your energy and therefore your patterns;
  • your spirit, your intention, your deepest desire in this life. Through meditation and
  • breathing, you direct your intention.

In the classes we actively work on these  points. Each class starts with energetic body exercises (Do-In) to improve our own Ki circulation. You learn to give shiatsu on yourself and of course we also practice with each other. We do meditation and breathing exercises and we teach you more about how eastern medicine works and what it can do for you.

Practical lessons

Classes are taught in a pleasant and inspiring environment by experienced professional teachers from our highly regarded Professional Iokai Shiatsu Training Course. The lessons are fun, instructive and dynamic so that you enjoy going to class. Above all, we will work practically with ourselves and each other.

Through these classes you will learn:

  • connect with your body;
  • how to release stored memories;
  • how to be physically and mentally more stable from your centre;
  • be in connection with all that is beautiful inside you;
  • how to connect with others without judgement


These lessons are taught by Lex Kiers in Delft. With his years of experience as a teacher and therapist, he conveys the lessons in an inspiring way.

Lex Kiers

Lex teaches the basic and meridian level modules and has been a teacher on the study programme since 2002. Besides his experience as a shiatsu therapist and teacher, Lex has a background as an Aikido teacher. In his lessons, he often uses exercises and insights from Aikido to make the intangible things like ‘Ki’ (life energy) understandable to students. Besides his work as a teacher, Lex works as a coach and trainer. Lex also has his own shiatsu practice in The Hague.

“I have a calm teaching style and allow people to look within and learn to feel consciously. For me, Iokai stands for conscious living. For developing the ability to adapt to whatever arises in your life. For accepting that you are where you are at any given moment. Not rambling on. Finding peace. Being in life from contact and connection. The connection between body & mind.“

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you attend all classes so that you can really experience a transformation, but of course it can happen that you cannot attend a class. Even then, you can still lay a good foundation with Shiatsu. If you miss several classes, you can join the next series.

The classes have been developed from the expertise of our professional training because we noticed a demand for this and we want to introduce as many people as possible to the power of Shiatsu. These lessons are given by our experienced teachers but are completely focused on your process and what Shiatsu can do for you. You also practice on each other so you will already learn something about working with Shiatsu but you certainly do not need to have the ambition to become a therapist. Do you want to? Then these lessons are absolutely worth following to experience whether the profession and our method suit you.

These classes are mainly focused on you. However, you will already learn a small basis for giving Shiatsu to others. If, after the lessons, you are enthusiastic about what Shiatsu can do for you and others, you can follow the basic modules of the training. You will learn to give Shiatsu in one of the four positions (supine, prone, side and sitting position). After completing one of these modules, you will be able to give a relaxing treatment to people around you. There is plenty of personal attention from experienced teachers during the lessons to help you master the techniques.

Most injuries are not an immediate impediment to participation. Sometimes we find that injuries improve because of the lessons. However, it is wise to discuss this with the teachers beforehand.

There is room for 12 students. We deliberately don’t want to make the group too big so that there is room to guide you properly. This does mean that there are a limited number of places available, so be quick.

Yes, due to the many questions about this, we have already decided to reschedule these classes twice a year. The exact dates will be announced on our website soon. Want to be the first to know? Then sign up for our newsletter here.

For this lesson series, we have kept the price low because of the introduction. Therefore, it is not possible to pay in instalments.

"There has been a huge transformation in me. Iokai Shiatsu has opened my eyes to come to new ways of living and experiencing."

Will you join the Japanese Way to Your Health?