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 Understanding Ki

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Iokai alumni

22 en 23


10.00 – 17.00 Sasaki Sensei

Understanding Ki

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 Masterclass Sasaki Sensei: understanding Ki

In Iokai Shiatsu we study Ki and how Ki is manifesting itself in our body and life. We try to understand the relation between the manifestations in our physical world and the underlying energy tendencies. There can only be a physical manifestation due to the fact that there is Ki. Any distortions in our physical body as well as in our mental or emotional being is a result of the underlying Ki. In this seminar we will study distortions of Ki by way of the physical body.

Life has many components all related to each other and being one. If we study the manifestation of Ki, we need to keep in mind that everything is connected and that all is one. There is no front without a back, no left without right, no yang without yin. This makes that we need to understand life as a whole. If we study for example the manifestation of Ki in the lower body, we need to understand the role of the Illiac, the Sacrum, the Trochanter, the meridians in this area, the organs, the vertebrates and the underlying condition of Ki. This might seem complex, but simply by practicing and step by step trying the understand it will become more clear.

Besides the theoretical and philosophical aspects of this subject, the main part of the seminar will be about the practical approach.

For whom?

This module is open for all Iokai Alumni and Iokai graduates of the different countries in Europe.


Sasaki Sensei. Translation will be provided.

Dates and time

  • Saturday January 22 from 10.00 – 17.00
  • Sunday January 23 from 10.00 – 17.00


The Gym of the CSB school in Amsterdam. De Cuserstraat 3, 1081 CK Amsterdam