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During our Open Days you can get to know more about the training programme in an entertaining and accessible setting. You will meet the teachers and the students of the training institute. They will tell you all about Iokai Shiatsu and what it is like to be in the professional training programme. They will share their experiences and are, of course, happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss your observations. You will see that in addition to an intensive training process there is definitely room for fun and genuine contact with each other.


Dates and Locations

The open days are given at three different locations. The content of the open days is the same at all locations. If you can’t come to the location where you would like to follow your shiatsu course, feel free to come to an open day at one of the other locations! At all three locations you can start your shiatsu study at different times of the year.


September 15, 19.00h – 21.00h


September 9, 19.00h – 21.00h


September 13, 19.00h – 21.00h

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