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We consider teaching at the Iokai Shiatsu Professional Training Programme a craft as well. Being able to teach requires extensive knowledge and especially experience. The teachers ensure that their classes have sufficient depth and that each student receives correct advice and feedback. In addition to the teacher or teachers, there are always one or two assistants present during the classes to support the learning process.


The following teachers are associated with the Iokai Shiatsu Professional Training Programme:

Kazunori Sasaki

Sasaki Sensei was a close assistant to Masunaga Sensei, the founder of Iokai Shiatsu. After the death of Masunaga Sensei in 1982, he continued and developed his work in Europe. Iokai Shiatsu and the study of Oriental medicine are his life’s work. Like no other, Sasaki Sensei understands the depth of traditional Eastern medicine and can transmit it to his students. His lessons are inspiring and have an enormous depth. Sasaki Sensei is also the President of the European Iokai Shiatsu Association and directs the other Iokai Shiatsu schools in Europe. He lives in Italy and travels frequently to Holland and other countries to teach.

Ans Harmsen

Ans has been a teacher on the programme since 1999. She has years of experience as a teacher and teaches the diagnostic and clinical level modules. Ans has a broad education and besides her profound knowledge of Iokai Shiatsu she has also completed training in acupuncture and Chinese herbalism. Ans has her own practice in Amersfoort. With her extensive practical experience she makes Eastern Medicine understandable and comprehensible for students.

Norbert grote Beverborg

Norbert has been the director of the Professional Training in Iokai Shiatsu since 2013. After completing the study of Iokai Shiatsu in 1999, he has remained associated with the training as an assistant and teacher. For many years he assisted Eloise Sewell and Sasaki Sensei in their classes and teaches the meridian, diagnostic and clinical level modules. Norbert also has his own shiatsu practice in Delft and with his company Helder Werk he provides shiatsu chair massages for businesses.

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Lex Kiers
Lex teaches the basic and meridian level modules and has been a teacher since 2002. In addition to his experience as a shiatsu therapist and teacher, Lex has a background as an Aikido teacher. In his lessons he often uses exercises and insights from Aikido to make the intangible things like ‘Ki’ (life energy) understandable to the students. Besides his work as a teacher, Lex works as coach and trainer. Lex also has his own shiatsu practice in The Hague.

Birute (Mala) Kubiliute
Mala is a teacher in the basic year. She graduated as an Iokai Shiatsu therapist in 2012 and has assisted Sasaki Sensei and Eloise Sewell with classes since graduation. Mala teaches the meridian, diagnostic and clinical level modules. Mala has a deep interest in Eastern medicine. She is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Japanese acupuncture and Meridian studies.

Rini de Smit
Rini graduated as an Iokai Shiatsu therapist in 2003 and has been associated with the program ever since. She has been teaching the basic level modules since 2010. Rini has had her own shiatsu practice for many years and is now active as a shiatsu chair masseur for companies in addition to her work as a teacher. Rini also has a background as a Qigong teacher. In her classes, she utilizes her diversity of experience and puts the student at the center.

Eloise Sewell
Eloise is one of the founders of Iokai Shiatsu in the Netherlands and the founder of the Amsterdam School for Iokai Shiatsu, the predecessor of the current professional training. With her profound knowledge of Iokai Shiatsu and Eastern medicine, Eloise knows how to inspire and motivate all her students. She is an occasional guest teacher and acts as a mentor for the other teachers.

Tanja van der Schaaf
Tanja van der Schaaf is educational coordinator of the training and she teaches the basic level and meridian level modules as a teacher. She has had a shiatsu practice in Amsterdam since 2006 and also gives weekly Do-In classes. As education coordinator she is responsible for the further development of our four year curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the HBO level and the e-learning environment.