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You will be happy to know that you are not left on your own after your successful completion of the training programme. The Association of Iokai Shiatsu Therapists (Vereniging voor Iokai Shiatsu, V.I.S.), is an active association, open for membership. The V.I.S. is the professional association for graduated Iokai Shiatsu therapists and a platform by choice to maintain contact with your colleagues. If you are a member of the V.I.S. your treatments will be accepted by many health insurance companies and they will be covered under their supplementary insurance plans.


The V.I.S. guarantees the professional practice of Iokai Shiatsu therapy and ensures the social recognition of Iokai Shiatsu as a form of Shiatsu practised at the level of higher professional education. The V.I.S. takes several initiatives such as the increase of awareness and recognition of Iokai Shiatsu, maintaining contact with health insurance companies and additional training for Shiatsu therapists.