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The training programme is open to anyone who has a senior general secondary education (HAVO) diploma, pre-university (VWO) diploma or level 4 senior secondary vocational education (MBO) diploma, or similar.


Entrance test

Those who cannot meet the admission requirements but are over 21 years may register for an entrance test. This 21+ test consists of a number of components that provide insight regarding your ability to successfully complete the professional training programme. The costs of this entrance test amount to € 95. You may participate in the test once a year. It is not possible to resit the test.


Major part of the classes will be in the English language. If for didactic reasons (parts of the) classes will be given in the Dutch language, translation will be provided. However some specific material and/or classes might only be available in the Dutch language.

The Western Basic Medicine course is only available in the Dutch language. For this course a basic control of the Dutch Language is required.  Alternative courses in the English language are available outside the Beroepsopleiding Iokai Shiatsu.