Tuition Fee

Basic level€ 2.450
Meridian level€ 2.600
Diagnose level€ 2.600
Clinical level€ 2.600
Graduation Bachelor Level (Case Study or Do-In Instructor)€ 900
Basic Western Medicine 12 blocks, per block€ 175

Included in the tuition fee

Included in the tuition fee is the self-published learning material. We use an Electronic Learning Environment where readers, videos and recorded webinars are available.

Not included in the tuition fee

Additional costs payment in 8 monthly instalments via authorisation€ 100
Cost of residential seminar basic level (3 days)€ 300
Cost of residential seminars other levels (4 days), per level€ 400
Compulsory literature for Iokai Shiatsu *€ 250
Compulsory literature for Basic Western Medicine*€ 250
Legal registration and liability insurance from 3rd year onwards€ 100
One-off fee for final exam€ 150

* estimated costs for the complete training programme

Tuition Fee Basic Level per module

Side position€ 785
Supine position€ 785
Prone position€ 900
Sittion position€ 445