Tuition Fee

Basic level€ 2.750
Meridian level€ 2.900
Diagnose level€ 2.900
Clinical level€ 2.900
Graduation Bachelor Level (option 1: Case Study)€ 1.085
Graduation Bachelor Level (option 2:Do-In Instructor)€ 980
Graduation Bachelor Level (option 2:Chair Shiatsu)€ 485

Included in the tuition fee

Included in the tuition fee is the self-published learning material. We use an Electronic Learning Environment where readers, videos and recorded webinars are available.

Western Medicine Course

The Basic Medical Knowledge can be taken separately from the shiatsu study. The costs for this during your entire study are approximately Euro 2,000 (excluding literature). You can start in the Basic year or in one of the later years. 

Not included in the tuition fee

Additional costs payment in 8 monthly instalments via authorisation€ 100
Cost of residential seminar basic level (3 days)€ 375
Cost of residential seminars other levels (4 days), per level€ 500
Compulsory literature for Iokai Shiatsu *€ 250
Compulsory literature for Basic Western Medicine*€ 250
Legal registration and liability insurance from 3rd year onwards€ 100
One-off fee for final exam€ 175

* estimated costs for the complete training programme

Tuition Fee Basic Level per module

Side position€ 890
Supine position€ 890
Prone position (excluding costs of residential seminar)€ 1035
Sittion position€ 730

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation is possible up to 1 week after the end of the introductory class at the relevant location with a deduction of Euro 100 administration fee. If cancelled after this period and before 1 month after the end of the introductory class, the cancellation fee is 50% of the tuition fee of the relevant module. Thereafter the full tuition fee is due