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The focus on practical skills is characteristic of the training programme. In the early stages you will already learn the necessary basic techniques that allow you to start practising quickly. During all four years a basic condition for a successful training is to frequently practise the lessons at home. Practising will enable you to develop the skills that are necessary for the craft of Iokai Shiatsu therapy and you will gain insights that you need as a therapist.




The basic year

The basic year is the first year of the Iokai Shiatsu Professional Training Programme. In this year you will learn the basic principles of Iokai Shiatsu and adopt the basic skills. A lot of time is dedicated to practising on fellow students and you will experience what it is like to give and receive Shiatsu. In addition to these basic skills and techniques, you will be introduced to the basic theory of traditional Eastern medicine. In order to improve your own physical condition and actively work on yourself, we start each class with Do-In (energetic physical training). After completion of the basic year, you will be able to give a proper Shiatsu treatment. To become a Shiatsu therapist, you can subsequently move on to the second year of the professional training programme.

The second training year

In the second year of training, the focus of attention is on the meridians and meridian treatment, the core of Iokai Shiatsu. Meridians reflect our internal functioning, including all physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. In the second year you will develop the ability to ‘feel’ Ki (life energy). This will allow you to not only understand the course and functioning of the meridians but also to observe and influence them with your hands. In this year, apart from practical skills, you will acquire theoretical knowledge about the functions and working of the various meridians.

The third training year

In the third year of training you will learn how to make a diagnosis in Iokai Shiatsu. You will learn how Ki (life energy) manifests itself during illness and how you can give treatments based on this knowledge. Typical features of Iokai Shiatsu and the essence of the third training year are: hara diagnosis (your own core), back diagnosis and meridian diagnosis. You will practise making diagnoses and giving treatments with and to your fellow students. You will also start treating clients under supervision.

The fourth training year

In the fourth and last year of training we focus on the integration and clinical application of theory and practice. Using the knowledge and experience you have gained in the past years you will treat clients independently. You will be prepared for the profession of independent therapist and you will acquire the therapeutic skills needed for this. Part of the classes in the fourth year will focus on how to start your own practice and all that is connected to that. At the end of the fourth year the training programme is concluded with a final examination. After that you will be ready to start working as a therapist.

Basic Medical Knowledge

The Basic Western Medical Knowledge course will be offered parallel to the Shiatsu training programme. This course will deal with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology at a higher professional education (HBO) level. This level is required to be able to work as a certified Iokai Shiatsu therapist. Successful completion of the Basic Medical Knowledge course is required to be able to qualify for the Iokai Shiatsu diploma.