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Digging to the roots: Exploration of jing [] (essence) in TEAM

Part 3 of the serie Shen – Heart – Qi – Jing: a lecture series by Stephen Birch

Date Time Subject Cost per webinar Cost series Nascholingspunten
4 February 19.30 – 21.00 Heart and Spirit € 35,- € 85,- 2
4 March 19.30 – 21.00 Ki € 35,- € 85,- 2
1 April 19.30 – 21.00 Essence € 35,- € 85,- 2


Contents of this Masterclass

The ‘essence’ sounds like a very important concept. ‘Essence’ is a term that comes up for us in daily life and which is generally understood by all. The term jing has been translated as essence and has thus been attributed the same kind of role. In TEAM systems the term has come to mean something essential to life and even something substantial, literally semen. It is most commonly seen as something associated with the kidneys and associated with growth and development, but it has general meanings and uses beyond that. Some have seen it in a more spiritual context, many in the West have also associated it with the qijingbamai or the ‘eight extraordinary vessels.’ But as with the terms ‘shen’ and ‘qi’ it is good to explore early pre-medical uses and early medical uses of the concept of jing to lay the foundations for a broader perspective from which one can see various modern understandings.

The lecturer will present various historical and modern perspectives on how to understand the important concept of jing. The concept changed in China with the transition from influential pre-medical texts (168-350 BC) to early medical texts (100-150 BC), the lecturer will explore these changes and discuss how older meanings and understandings are dragged along with the newer meanings. Contrasting how the term is understood and used in Japanese TEAM systems like Meridian Therapy and Chinese TEAM systems like TCM will help expose quite different approaches. He will also discuss how problems of translation have led to the mis-association of jing with the extraordinary vessels. From practical clinical pragmatic perspectives he will also discuss how as a practitioner of Japanese traditional medical systems he understands and uses the concept of jing.

For Whom?

This masterclass is open for graduated shiatsu therapists and acupunturists.

Practical information

Online webinar. The link for the webinar will be sent to you after registration.
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Stephen Birch PhD, (acupuncture practitioner, teacher, scholar, researcher)