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 Qi and Body; Waves of Stillness and Movement

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23-24 oktober 10.00u-17.00u Qi and Body € 180,- Iokai Alumni

€ 240,- overige therapeuten




Contents of this Masterclass

This masterclass will be taught in English

Yin and Yang are the two aspects of Qi which are constantly interchanging. The Qi of stillness (Yin) and the Qi of movement (Yang) are the same in origin but with different dynamic manifestations. Maintaining the balance between the Qi of stillness and Qi of movement enables unimpeded physical expression of the movements in Tai Ji, Yi Quan or Qi Gong, as well as enabling the right application of punction in Acupuncture or touch in Shiatsu.

The aim of practices such as Tai Ji, Yi Quan or Qi Gong is to immerse the Body in waves of stillness and movement. One could argue that the bodily perception and awareness that arises through these practices serves as the basis from which to practice Shiatsu, Acupuncture and any other therapeutic art focussed on cleaning the meridians as to enable the free flow of Qi.

Therefore, this seminar is designed to orientate the Body to enable the perceptions of stillness and movement with its associated quality of Qi. The aim is for the participants to acquire a perception of Qi at a somatic level. In doing so, one essential aspect is to allow the Body to float, to be completely relaxed but at the same time ready for action. The concept of Qi (as applied in this seminar) is to allow ease of action without any holding back, without tension and in resonance with the moment.

The metaphor of water supports this concept of Qi. When a Body floats in water the waves of movement and stillness are unified, the Body allows itself to be carried. In this state actions can be taken without effort. The first step, which is the pivot of the seminar, is to get to know one’s own Body and discover the sensation of allowing it to float.

Overview of Content

  • Body and Qi.
  • Relating Qi to Yin, Yang and the Body
  • Relating Qi to the phrase: “sink the Qi in the Dan Tien” and to the concept Song (relaxation)
  • Qi in relation to Jing (essence) and Shen (spirit-conscience) in the Body of the practitioner and the patient.

For Whom

This seminar is aimed at anyone who is interested in experiencing Qi in action within the Body, and in relation to the practice of any of the above mentioned arts. The seminar combines theory with practical sessions. Although this seminar will centre around the movements of Tai Ji, Yi Quan and Qi Gong, no previous experience in these arts is required.

Practical Information

The workshop will take place in Amsterdam. The precise location will be communicated at a later stage.


Miguel Àngel Cabrer has been practicing and instructing Tai Ji, Yi Quan and Qi Gong for over twenty years. He has also studied Japanese Acupuncture in the style of Tohoyari (a way of Meridian Treatment). He now teaches at the postgraduate program of Toyohari and he is the President of the Spanish Branch of Toyohari. In 2014 together with Stephen Birch he co-authored the book: Restoring Order in Health and Chinese Medicine. Others activities he is involved with include: Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing). For more information Shinrin-Yoku have a look at: www.banysdebosc.com (website in Spanish or Catalan).