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30 maart 19.30u – 21u Ling Shu 37th Difficult Issue € 35,- € 45,- 2


Webinar, Ling Shu the 37th Difficult Issue

Door Johanna Gunther

During the 4th year of Iokai Shiatsu Training we always talk about some Classical texts. We pick chapters from The Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine, Neijing Suwen or Ling Shu, which are antique reports on observations and experiences of natural phenomena, which forms the basis of oriental medicine.

This year we dedicated some of our attention to the 37th Difficult Issue from the book Difficult Issues, which could be considered as a more modern interpretation and practical translation of the classic texts.

The central question this text tries to answer is the relationship between the sense organs or orifices as they are called in the text, and the related yin organs.

During this webinar we will share the Interpretation of Sasaki Sensei of this chapter and hope to inspire your Shiatsu practice by reconnecting you to some of the basic ideas that Shiatsu is based on.

To prepare for the webinar it is advisable to have read the text 37th Difficult Issue, that will be provided when you inscribe for the webinar.

Voor whom

For Shiatsu graduates of all schools and 4th year students.

Date and time

30 March, 19.30h – 21.00h


A link for the online environment will be provided after registration

The teacher

The webinar will be given by Johanna Gunther, who is assisting Sasaki Sensei for a couple of years now during the fourth year seminars of Iokai students and who also assisted Sasaki Sensei during the European Shiatsu congress that was held in September 2020 in Amsterdam. Johanna teaches the fourth-year students the texts discussed with sensei in a clear and understandable way. Johanna is Shiatsu therapist in her practice Joqi Shiatsu, based in Amsterdam.


The costs for this webinar are € 35,- for Iokai Alumni member and € 45,- for other participants.